The fees charged by Dr. Freeman are guided by recommendations published by the Ontario Psychological Association and the current local economy. Similarly, the fees charged by Mrs. Shoebottom and Ms. Waddick are based on recommendations from the Ontario Association of Social Workers, and are in line with the range of fees charged by social workers locally and on a provincial level. 

In Ontario, psychological and social work services are not covered under the provincial health coverage (OHIP). However, services offered by psychologists and social workers are considered medical expenses by the Canada Revenue Agency and can be claimed as such on your annual tax return. Most psychological services offered through Kaleidoscope Child and Family Care are HST exempt.

Extended Health Coverage

Many employers offer extended health benefits that will cover services provided by a psychologist or social worker. Please note that such extended health plans may cover only a portion of the fees charged, may have an annual cap on fees paid for services, or may cover psychological but not social work services. It is your responsibility to review the details of your extended health benefit coverage.

A doctor's referral is not necessary to access psychological or social work services, unless specified by your extended health plan provider. 

Payment Options

All charges are based on an hourly fee and reflect the actual time involved in both direct and indirect service. Direct services may include face-to-face or telephone contact with the client, family or school staff. Indirect services may include the preparation of reports and letters, the maintenance of the client file or the completion of any forms, as requested. A typical therapy or consultation session consists of 50 minutes direct service and 10 minutes of indirect service (i.e., clinical notes). 

Payment is accepted in cash, by electronic money transfer, by credit card, or by personal cheque. Payment is typically expected at the end of each session unless otherwise arranged with Dr. Freeman, Mrs. Shoebottom or Ms. Waddick. For psychological assessment, half of the fee is typically due upon completion of testing while the remainder of the fee is due upon receipt of the report.