Conflict of Interest Statement

Kaleidoscope Child and Family Care is currently a part-time practice for most of our clinicians. Ms. Waddick is employed on a full-time basis at Chatham-Kent Children's Services, while Dr. Freeman is employed on a full-time basis by the Greater Essex County District School Board. In order to avoid potential conflicts of interest, we will be taking the following precautionary steps:


Ms. Waddick has the right to refuse to provide services to children or youth who are currently involved with 6-18 Mental Health Services through the Chatham-Kent Children's Services.

Dr. Freeman will not, under any circumstances, provide psychological services to any children who attend elementary or secondary school within the Greater Essex County District School Board in these specific communities: Belle River, Lakeshore and Comber. In addition, Dr. Freeman will not accept referrals for children who attend Margaret D. Bennie Public School (Leamington), Tecumseh Vista Academy (Tecumseh) or the following schools in the Essex area: Gosfield North Public School, Essex Public School and Essex District High School.

Making Referrals

When the needs of a child receiving community or school-based services require greater support than is available, there may be the need to refer the student and/or family to a community psychologist or social worker. If the referral comes from the CKCS 6-18 Mental Health Services program, Ms. Waddick reserves the right to provide these services in private practice. Similarly, when such referrals come from GECDSB schools within the communities listed above, Dr. Freeman will not provide private services. When referral is necessary and one of the Kaleidoscope clinicians is already involved in that child's care through their respective roles as a CKCS employee or member of the GECDSB Psychological Services staff, the following procedures will be followed:

The child and/or family will be made aware of any community supports, services or resources that can be accessed at no cost (if such supports, services or resources exist). The child and/or family will be made aware of fee-for-service supports, services or resources that can be accessed, including the names of other community psychologists or social workers.

Management of Personal and Confidential Information

When a psychologist or social worker provides services in two different settings (i.e., private practice and community agency), they may receive or obtain information about a client that the client does not wish to share in a different setting. Consistent with the expectations of the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), the Standards of Professional Conduct for Psychologists and the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, information obtained and/or provided about a client in one setting (e.g., private practice) cannot be released to an individual in a different setting (i.e., community agency) without the written consent of the individual and/or their caregiver. 

None of the information gathered by Ms. Waddick or Dr. Freeman in their private practice will be shared with staff at CKCS or GECDSB without written consent from the client and/or legal guardian. Similarly, without written consent from the client and/or guardian, Ms. Waddick and Dr. Freeman  are not able to access information from any other source (including CKCS or GECDSB) regarding clients in their private practice.

If you have any questions regarding any potential conflicts, or how your personal health information will be managed, please do not hesitate to ask for clarification.